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The First Two MUH-1 Helicopters
On January 10, the ROK Marine Corps received its first two Marine Utility Helicopters (MUH-1) which are multirole aircraft.
<National News>
Former Soccer Star Now a President
Liberia is a nation on the coast of West Africa. It is the first and oldest modern republic of Africa. It was founded by freed slaves from America.
<World News>
Honoring the Death of Park Jong-chul<
The June Democracy Movement is one of the most .....
Dealing with Light Pollution
Light pollution is the excessive, misdirected, .....
Happiness Can be Scary to Some People
Being happy may be a goal that most people shar.....
An Actor and a Humanitarian
Curling with Rare Granite
The History of Engagement Rings
Lights Can be Bad, Too
Locks of Love
Since Korean winters are very cold, many Koreans like hot foods to warm up.
Extreme Temperatures
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