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주니어 신문/워크북 변경 ..
에듀타임즈 블로그 안내입..
에듀타임즈 초중등밴드로 ..
수능영어 절대평가제가 ..
영자신문으로 공부하면 ..
Stricter Laws on Dog Ownership
The increasing number of dog bite cases in South Korea, along with the recent case of a high-profile restaurant owner who died because she was bit .....
<National News>
Sophia the Robot Citizen
“I am very honored and proud of this unique distinction. This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship.....
<World News>
A President and a Laureate

Former President Kim Dae-jung, the President of.....
Are School Newspapers No Longer Relevant?

A school newspaper is a publication run by elem.....
Binge Eating and How to Fight It

Many people who are stressed sometimes turn to .....
A First for Twice
The Sacred Fire of the Olympic Games
Delectable Dumplings
Building Muscle for Fat Loss and Beyond
The Kangaroo of Australia
Since Korean winters are very cold, many Koreans like hot foods to warm up.
One evening, Michelle and her parents talked about what birthday gift she .....
The Plastic Bag Ban of Kenya
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